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I'm all about finding views that most people miss during their busy lives. New England is famous for her incredible peak fall foliage and this is when the call of the brilliant red/orange sugar maples call to me. Once I find beautiful fall foliage color I come home and blog about it... I know it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

If you are looking for foliage reports and/or ideas where to go then you can start at my fall foliage site www.Jeff-foliage.com and then you can visit my blog at Scenic New England travels for some of my stories on locations, found.

In the fall time period I travel all through New England photographing the New England fall foliage. You can find some of the results here in my fall foliage gallery. If you have questions you can find me at www.jeff-foliage.com or click above on the contact tab.

Click on my Facebook link to follow what I'm doing during the week and if you have questions about photography or cameras.
If you are a photographer of any skill level and you have photos of New England to share, be sure to check out the New Photography Guild on Facebook and post your favorite shots of New England Also you can check out the New England Photography Guilds website where we have galleries and our weekly blog. You can find how-to's on picture taking or articles on special locations to travel to. The topics range all over the board and you are bound to find something you want an answer on.

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